Dinosauri illustrati a Bricòla Standard


Il Bestiariosauro di Bricòla Dal 4 all’8 aprile 2018 Orario: da martedì a venerdì, ore 15:00 – 19:00; sabato e domenica ore 15:00 – 20:00. Lunedì chiuso Ingresso libero Mostra inserita in Bricòla, Festival delle Autoproduzioni di WOW Spazio Fumetto   Il festival Bricòla è anche una mostra, quest’anno dedicata a uno degli argomenti più amati da grandi, piccoli e fumettisti: i dinosauri! Oltre 30 illustrazioni di rettili preistorici ideati appositamente da ospiti e amici di Bricòla. Le opere sono esposte a ingresso libero dal 4 all’8 aprile e raccolte in un catalogo, un originalissimo bestiario (o meglio, un Bestiariosauro!), in vendita presso il bookshop del museo. Le opere in mostra sono di: Amianto Comics, Attaccapanni Press, BRACE, Pablo Cammello, Cargo Viaggi Grafici, Casa Editrice Libera e Senza Impegni, NightFall in middle ART, Cowboys from Hell, Elder Draw, La fanzinoteca La Pipette Noir, Gatacornia Comics, Ivan “Hurricane” Manuppelli, Jazz Manciola, Andrea “Kaius” Iomini, Lök…

The Eighties on display Standard


80s Nostalgia The coolness of the Eighties among catchphrases, successes, fashion, cartoons and comics From May 20 to the 1st of October 2017 WOW Spazio Fumetto, from May 20, to the 1st of October 2017, dedicated an exhibit to the Eighties, a cool decade that has influenced, with its excesses and fashion, the new dads’ and moms’ generation, that is living, in this period, an authentic (re)discovery by the new generations. Games, newspapers, music albums, movie posters, models, comics, board games, memorabilia, videogames and everything that has made unforgettable that magical decade, have been exposed in a chronological course that wanted to capture the visitor’s memory on nostalgia, hepling also who did not experience that period to understand it better and, why not, reevaluate it. At the center of the decade, and so of the exhibition, the incredible 1986, a crucial year for the comics: from the release of Watchmen and The…

Disney Princess on display Standard


  Dream and Adventure 80 years of Disney princesses’ animation from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Disney Frozen From October, 14 2017 to February, 25 2018 Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday (15:00 – 19:00); Saturday – Sunday (15:00 – 20:00); Closed on Monday. Extraordinary opening: November, 1-2; December, 7-8; January, 6. Closure: December, 24-25-26; December, 31; 1st of January. Extraordinary closure: November, 21. Tickets Entry fee: 5€ Reduced: 3€: kids 4-10 years; over 65; disabled with related certificate; not certificated journalists; groups of at least 15 people. Free entry: owners of Musei Lombardia Milano membership card; kids 0-3 years; WOW members; certificate journalists at press agent (not during week-end or holidays); disabled people’s helper, if necessary.   In connection with the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), WOW Spazio Fumetto – comic book, illustration and animation museum (Viale Campania 12, Milan) – set…

Diabolik: The exhibition Standard

19 DKN 774-2011

Diabolik: La mostra Il passato, il presente, il futuro Diabolik: The exhibition The past, the present, the future 18 june – 18 september 2016 Entry fee 5€; reduced 3€ (children under 10, people over 65, WOW subscribers) Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday (15-19); Saturday and Sunday (15-20). Closed on Monday. DIABOLIK: THE EXHIBITION – THE PAST, THE PRESENT, THE FUTURE is a large exhibition itinerary illustrating fifty-four years of a true comic myth through original plates, vintage comic books, gadgets, memorabilia, 3d models and videos, combined with various multimedial materials available for free download in the official APP The visitor will be able to interact with the exhibition’s set up through the QR-Code and Augmented Reality technologies, discovering extra contents and virtually trying to open the strongbox in a time competition against Diabolik. Thanks to the collaboration with Astorina, Diabolik Club, Il CerchioGiallo, GlobalMedia and Pixartprinting, you will visit the largest retrospective ever…

“The Little Prince” Comic Book Presentation Standard

piccolo principe web

THE LITTLE PRINCE a comic book tale With 81 original pages by ENZO JANNUZZI February, 27 2016 – March, 26 2016 FREE ENTRY “The Little Prince”, the beloved novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is one of the most read books in the world; it has been translated into 253 languages and dialects, and over 13 million copies had been printed across the world. Recently it has been adapted in an animation film as well. WOW Spazio Fumetto dedicates a unique exhibition to this immortal masterpiece; for the first time, a special comic book edition by Enzo Jannuzzi is presented to the Italian public. The work retraces accurately the original novel. The 81 original pages exposed are characterized by a simple, yet sophisticated style; they are published thanks to the joints efforts of WOW Spazio Fumetto, Fondazione Franco Fossati, La Borsa del Fumetto di Milano and Excalibur. Enzo Jannuzzi‘s “Il Piccolo…

Star Wars Exhibition Standard

loc star wars

“Star Wars: Dal fumetto al cinema …e ritorno” Star Wars: From comics to movies …and back An event/exhibition celebrates the most loved space saga of all time! From March, 19 2016 to June, 5 2016. Entry fee: 5€; Reduced: 3€ Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday (15-19 p.m.); Saturday and Sunday (15-20 p.m.); Closed on Monday. The “STAR WARS: DAL FUMETTO AL CINEMA E RITORNO” exhibition was created by the joint efforts of Associazione Galaxy, La Bettola di Yoda, 501st Legion Italica Garrison, Rebel Legion Italian Base, with the crucial collaboration of Panini Comics. For the first time in Italy, WOW Spazio Fumetto offers a complete exhibition path about Star Wars, by uniting two essential features of its universe: the passion of its fanbase, and the impressive editorial history of Star Wars comic books (from 1977 to today). Moreover, a Milo Manara‘s valuable tribute picture specificallymade for the event will be displayed. Original works…

Tribute Exhibition to Laganà Standard


Laganà – Sogni e cartoon di tutti i colori Laganà – Colorful Dreams and Cartoons From January 30th to February 21st 2016 The exhibition, created by Cartoon Club that set it up last year in Rimini, was supervised personally by artist Giuseppe Laganà- who prematurely passed away on January, 3 2016. The exhibition is conceived to represent completely his artistic streak across illustration, comics and animation cinema.

The Art of Romano Scarpa Standard


Dall’unghia di Kalì all’ultimo Balabù – L’arte di Romano Scarpa From Kalì’s Nail to the Last Balaboo – The Art of Romano Scarpa From January 16th to March 13th 2016 The art of Romano Scarpa, the most influential Italian Disney cartoonist, is presented through a unique exhibition.  Over 150 original works and precious “backstage” pieces have been collected and exposed to the public, thanks to the collaboration with Marco Castelletta and other Disney collectors, and along with the pieces guarded by the Franco Fossati Foundation.

Joan of Arc Standard


November 28, 2015 – January 24, 2016 A path through illustrations, comic books, humor comic strips that tell the myth of the Saint Warrior; on the occasion of the representation of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Giovanna D’Arco” on the opening night of the Teatro della Scala season, the exhibition is inserted within the initiative of “Prima diffusa” of the Municipality of Milan.

Outcast – from the Comics to the TV Series Standard

OUTCAST cover 001

November 7, 2015 – November 15, 2015 The “Outcast” series, written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and illustrated by Paul Azaceta, is presented to the Italian public through the exposition of original works. The relationship between the comic book and the TV series (produced by Fox) is highlighted. The event is enriched and inaugurated by the presence of the comic book’s illustrator.

The Amazing World of Peanuts Standard


October 17, 2015 – January 10, 2016   An exhibition prepared to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Peanuts’ creation, and on the occasion of the release of the “The Peanuts Movie” animated film.  Original artworks and rare comic books are displayed in order to explore Schulz’s world and his characters,. Moreover, experts extraneous to the comic world add their contributions to deepen important themes present in Peanuts comics, like sports, scouting, or Beethoven’s music. The exhibition is patronized by the prestigious Charles M. Schulz Museum, located in Santa Rosa (California).

Walt Disney’s Magic World Standard


Disney Memorabilia 1930/2000 September, 29 2015 – October, 11 2015 Little Nemo Art Gallery dedicates an exhibition to the creative genius of Walt Disney; The Disney imaginary is exposed through rare comic books, magazines, vintage gadgets, original film posters, trading cards, illustrations and original paintings.  

WOW, Dante’s Hell and Comics Standard

dante loc bassa

September, 12 2015 – November, 22 2015 On the occasion of the 750-years anniversary from Dante Alighieri’s birth, the exhibition (inserted within the Festival MITO 2015 initiatives) celebrates the author through the main parodies of his “Divina Commedia”, from Topolino, to manga , to Marcello Toninelli’s comic strips. To close the exhibition path, an original 5-meters work was created by the “musicattore®” Luigi Majo, in order to honor the poet.

Uncle Scrooge and the Money Bin’s secrets Standard


June, 13 2015 – September, 27 2015 For the first time, an exhibition retraces the extraordinary history, both personal and editorial, of Uncle Scrooge, the richest duck in the world. Thanks to an original structural project of his famous Money Bin created by the students of Politecnico di Milano, a journey through Scrooge’s secrets is made possible.

Japan Year Zero Standard

Locandina della mostra

From June 6th to July 31st 2015 An expository path illustrates the atomic bombing tragic events, while explaining the historical context and the consequences that they had on the Japanese population. Through a detailed analysis of the narrative and  visual influences that those events had on manga and anime (Japanese comics and animation), the intensity of what happened is portrayed, dealing with one of the most crucial historical events in terms of reception and reinterpretation.

Geppo & co. – Sandro Dossi’s world Standard

Loc mostra dossi

From May 16th to June 5th 2015 A tribute to a great author of Italian humor comic books; an original exhibition of Sandro Dossi’s original pieces and illustrations that retrace fifty years of his career. Through different characters, like Popeye, Geppo, Sylvester the Cat, the Smurfs, Disney comics and Warner Bros heroes, Dossi was able to amuse generations of readers.

Linus and the Revolution of 1965 Standard


From April 11th to May 10th 2015 A tribute exhibition to LINUS, the first comic book magazine in the world. Its history, main characters, and most interesting columns are presented by exposing rare documents, original pieces, books, publication, and many historical issues. The exhibition points out how important 1965 was for the history of the comic world, with the birth of Linus and the first International Comic Exposition of Bordighera.

Avengers: The Myth Standard

Avengers 500 2004

From March 28th to Mat 31th 2015 The exhibition was created on the occasion of the releasing of  the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron”; through a rich exposition, the history of the earth’s mightiest heroes is retraced, from their birth on comic books during the sixties, to their contemporary film representations.

Women of Resistance Standard


From March 8th to April 26th, 2015 The exhibition is a tribute to every woman who took part, in different ways, in the fight for freedom against Fascism and Nazism, with determination and courage. Pages and illustrations from the graphic novel “Bruna e Adele 70 anni dopo” are exposed, in addition to original pieces created for the event.

We are Charlie Standard


February 7, 2015 – March 15, 2015 A month after Paris’ horrible terrorist attack, Wow Spazio Fumetto dedicates an exhibition and an event to Charlie Hebdo magazine, the satire and freedom of expression. Tributes created by 150 Italian authors and over 70 international artists are exposed.

Lupo Alberto 40 anni! Un lupo per tutte le stagioni Standard


28 March – 1 June 2014 In partnership with McK, the exhibition celebrated Lupo Alberto’s forty years. It presented hundreds of original panels and strips, comic books, memorabilia, and works used for social advertising campaigns linked to the character. It also displayed a diorama (made for the occasion), which reproduced McKenzie’s farm and all its inhabitants.

Gipi – unastoria unamostra Standard


15 February – 16 March 2014 “unastoria” by Gipi is the first comic to be nominated for Strega Prize. The exhibition presented all the original panels included in it alongside some original drawings. In cooperation with

100 matite per Pinocchio – 130 anni di immaginario, illustrazione e fumetto Standard

18 January – 23 March 2014 In 1881 Pinocchio was born through the pen of Carlo Collodi, pen-name of Carlo Lorenzini. The exhibition narrates the novel chapter by chapter, showing how all over the world artists, cartoonists and animators has represented it for over 130 years.   La mostra Pinocchio e altri libri Pinocchio a fumetti Il poster del Pinocchio Disney Libri e edizioni straniere Pupazzi e gadget I dischi di Pinocchio Presentazione

Verdi a strisce Standard

sempre verdi

30 November 2013 – 5 January 2014 On the occasion of this year’s opening season at the Scala theatre with “La Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi, WOW Spazio Fumetto dedicates to the composer an exhibition that narrates his life and works through comics and animations.

Il mondo dei robot – Da Asimov a Goldrake, da Terminator a Wall.e Standard


26 October 2013 – 12 January 2014 An exhibition on the robotic imaginery, from the dawn of the sci-fi genre to the most recent comics and movies, on the occasion of Goldrake’s first 35 years since the first episode was aired in Italy. Along with the most famous Japanese robots (to whom a special area of the display with orginals, gadgets and collectibles is reserved) and a gallery of tributes made by the authors of Pseudostudio and others.   Poster Goldrake Mostra Robot Mostra Robot Poster Astro Boy Robot dal Giappone Corriere dei Piccoli

La mia gente – Enzo Jannacci, canzoni a colori Standard


17 October – 10 November 2013 Commemorative exhibition on Enzo Jannacci, made in collaboration with Scarp de’ Tenis magazine. Fifty authors reinterpret as many songs of the italian singer, and are subsequently put on auction by Sotheby’s, in their first italian auction dedicated to comics.

Mondo Ronfo Standard

BOZZA loc ronfi

31 August – 13 October 2013 An exhibition dedicated the Ronfi, the world’s laziest rodents, with originals made by their creator Adriano Carnevali and their village in full size.

Belgio, Il regno del fumetto Standard


21 June – 6 October 2013 The story of the most famous authors, characters and periodicals: Tintin, Spirou, Lucky Luke, the Smurfs, Hergé, Peyo, Hermann, Dany… With this exhibition comes the twinning with Bruxelles’ Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée, the first european museum of comics.   Mostra Belgio Puffi Mostra Belgio Bandes dessinees Tin Tin Belgio il Regno del Fumetto

La coscienza di Zero Standard


16 June – 31 July 2013 Zerocalcare has been the most recent blockbuster in the italian comic world. The exhibition, in partnership with Bao Publishing, is the first of its kind entirely dedicated to this young author, who reveals himself through an unique display-interview.   Zerocalcare, Ogni maledetto lunedì Mostra Tavole originali Zombie Tavola Zerocalcare Il catalogo della mostra

La fabbrica di Carosello – La pubblicità che unì l’Italia Standard


8 February – 9 June 2013 A backstage journey of the famous TV program with original drawings, cels and storyboards coming from the animated studios that created Calimero, la Linea, Caio Gregorio, Unca Dunca and many more. Many clips showing the actors and singers that took part in the TV show as well as gadgets complete the display.   Presentazione Mostra Carosello Mostra Carosello Tavole originali Disegni originali Miguel

Wagner a strisce Standard


30 November 2012 – 13 January 2013 Like the exhibition on Mozart of the previous year, this year’s is dedicated to Wagner, the compositor who opens the new season at the Scala theatre with “Lohengrin”. As usual, comics and animations depicting the life and works are the narrative mean the display is presented.

Omaggio a Sergio Bonelli Standard

omaggio a bonelli

2-7 October 2012 One year after Sergio Bonelli’s demise, in partnership with it is set up an exhibition of original panels, dedicated to the publisher by some of his collaborators.

L’urlo di Tarzan – 100 anni del Signore della Giungla Standard


1-23 September 2012 An exhibition celebrating the first 100 years of life of the character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, narrated through the actors that played his role in the movies like Johnny Weissmuller. Alongside the best comic authors that illustrated his stories, such as Hal Foster, Burne Hogarth and Joe Kubert.

Aldo Di Gennaro – il maestro, il disegno, l’avventura Standard

aldo di gennaro

13 June – 29 July 2012 An anthologic exhibition on the great italian illustrator. Over one hundred original drawings narrate Aldo Di Gennaro’s career, from his works for Corriere dei Piccoli, to his comics for Corriere dei Ragazzi, to the last illustration made for Sergio Bonelli.

Spider-Man – il mito dell’Uomo Ragno Standard

MANIFESTO-mostra spider man

19 May – 29 July 2012 Spider-Man’s first 50 years are narrated through everything that has seen him as the hero: original drawings, comics adventures, movies, animated series, videogames. The exhibition opens with Amazing Fantasy #15, the first comic with Spider-Man, and closes with Humberto Ramos’ celebrating cover for the August 2012 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Il Piede nella calce – di Achille Picco Standard


4 May – 10 June 2012 Famous illustrator Achille Picco highlights one of the modern day tragedies by creating real-size statues of children dressed as soldiers, with feet painted white, as was custom for slaves in Ancient Rome. Along with the statues, an anthology of illustrations by the same artist.

Dal manga all’anime: in viaggio con One Piece Standard


9 March – 13 May 2012 The exhibition illustrates in detail the trasposition from a manga, the japanese comic, to an anime, by using original materials from japanese animated studios. Case in study is “One Piece”, blockbuster comic and anime serie worldwide.

Gattoni animati Standard

gattoni animati

10 February – 4 March 2012 Cats have always been among the major stars in the world of animation. The exhibition displays the most famous felines, as in comics, movie posters, short films and gadgets.

G&G – Gaber a fumetti Standard


12 January – 12 February 2012 A display of original artworks from the volume “G&G” by Davide Barzi and Sergio Gerasi.

Mozart a strisce Standard


2 December 2011 – 8 January 2012 On the occasion of Scala’s opening season with the opera “The magic flute” by Mozart, an exhibition that displays the life and the works of the great composer in the comic world.

Dylan Dog – 25 anni nell’incubo Standard


7 October 2011 – 15 January 2012 An exhibition for the first 25 years since the inception of Dylan Dog, one of the most loved characters of all italian comics. Along with a selection of original drawings taken from the most famous stories, there is also place for a rich exposition of the merchandise inspired by the character.

BAU! 88 cani col resto di 1 Standard

from BBS upload

9 September – 2 October 2011 This exhibition shows how dogs are portraied in the comic world: little kids’ friends, heroes’ partners or main protagonists, with unforgettable characters like Snoopy, Pluto or Marmaduke. Furthermore the figure of the urban dog (the dog as an animal totally at ease with the urban city life) is explained.

Fumetti d’Italia Standard

150 anni

21 May – 26 June 2011 On the occasion of Italy’s 150 years of Unity, the exhibition features a selection of originals by Sergio Toppi, Ivo Milazzo, Carlo Ambrosini and Pasquale Frisenda, all taken from the commemorative volume “150° Storie d’Italia”, in addition to an excursus on how comic publishers have narrated the history of the italian Risorgimento and a humurous tribute.

Editori coraggiosi Standard


1 aprile – 15 maggio 2011 Wow’s opening exhibition is a tribute to Milan publishers: italian comics were born in this city (like the glorious “Corriere dei Piccoli”, founded in 1908), and here some of the most famous publishers have their headquartes: from Bonelli to the aforementioned Corriere dei Piccoli. From Astorina to Mondadori.

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