Star Wars Exhibition

“Star Wars: Dal fumetto al cinema …e ritorno”
Star Wars: From comics to movies …and back

An event/exhibition celebrates the most loved space saga of all time!

From March, 19 2016 to June, 5 2016.
Entry fee: 5€; Reduced: 3€
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday (15-19 p.m.); Saturday and Sunday (15-20 p.m.); Closed on Monday.

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The “STAR WARS: DAL FUMETTO AL CINEMA E RITORNO” exhibition was created by the joint efforts of Associazione Galaxy, La Bettola di Yoda, 501st Legion Italica Garrison, Rebel Legion Italian Base, with the crucial collaboration of Panini Comics. For the first time in Italy, WOW Spazio Fumetto offers a complete exhibition path about Star Wars, by uniting two essential features of its universe: the passion of its fanbase, and the impressive editorial history of Star Wars comic books (from 1977 to today).
Moreover, a Milo Manara‘s valuable tribute picture specificallymade for the event will be displayed.
Original works by international and Italian authors, comics from all around the world, rare gadgets, set photos, diagrams, action figures, costume reproductions, videos, multimedia stations, Lego dioramas, and models provided by associations and collectors have been collected for the exhibition.
The exhibition is patronized by the U.S. Consulate General Milan, and it is inserted in the Municipality of Milan‘s “Ritorni al Futuro” initiative; throughout its duration, connected events will be arranged in collaboration with the “BestMovie” magazine.
An exhibition catalogue has been created by Wow Spazio Fumetto and the ADM Editore publisher.


The exhibition is presented as a chronological path, which starts from the first issue of the first comic book series published by Marvel Comics in 1977, to the latest series that introduced the “Star Wars. The Force Awakens” movie, which involved many Italian illustrators.
The exhibition begins with a section dedicated to those science fiction comics that inspired George Lucas: Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, John Carter, and the overall sci-fi narrative that inspired “Star Wars”.
Thanks to the exposition of vintage issues and volumes (from the Fondazione Franco Fossati‘s archives), it will be possible to find out how some Star Wars’ key elements took inspiration from other works.
Moreover, it is also displayed how much Lucas’ universe inspired following works, like the Flash Gordon’s movie.


With the help of Panini Comics (which published the comic book series in Italy), original issues, large format reproductions, original illustrations, and explanatory panels are shown.
Different thematic units structure the exhibition, and will help those who are less expert, to better understand this saga. Starting from Luke and Leia, to their father Anakin (after, Darth Vader), who are the driving forces of the entire saga. Then, there is a section dedicated to the Dark Side and its characters: Darth Vader (an exact reproduction of his costume will be displayed), the Emperor, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and the last arrival Kylo Ren.
Furthermore, there are the three “rogues”: Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the Millenium Falcon, whose popularity made it a character on its own (a rare LEGO model is part of the exposition).
The three new heroes are part of the exhibition too; Poe Dameron (who will have his solo comic series), Finn, and the brave Rey.
The droids are present as well, from the newest addition BB-8, to R2D2 and C-3PO, whose amazing life-size statue reproductions are present, along with other figures.
Among Stormtroopers (the iconic white armored soldiers), bounty hunters (a Boba Fett costume reproduction signed by his actor Jeremy Bulloch is displayed), helmets, lightsabers, and alien creatures, there is a section dedicated to those characters who are extremely relevant for the comic book universe, like the green rabbit Jaxxson.
A multimedia station created specifically by GlobalMedia will allow visitors to deepen their knowledge about those less known characters.
Particular attention is dedicated to Italian authors (published by Panini Comics) who gained respect and visibility on the international scene, such as Simone Bianchi, Marco Checchetto, and Gabriele Dell’Otto.

A selection of original and authentic comic pages and works is exhibited thanks to the collaboration with Associazione La Nona Arte, which gathers Italian collectors. Along with authentic pieces by Howard Chaykin (the first author who illustrated Luke and Leia’s adventures), and Marvel’s authors like Mike Deodato Jr., Italian authors’ pieces are displayed as well (Simone Bianchi, Davide Fabbri, Luca Bertelè, and many others).
The exhibition is closed by the parodies of Star Wars, with special consideration for the works of Disney authors such as Andrea Freccero, and Paolo Mottura, and an unpublished piece by Romano Scarpa.

On the occasion of the Cartoomics 2016 award ceremony, Milo Manara will personally deliver his precious Star Wars tribute (created specifically for the exhibition) to Luigi Bona, the museum director.

How much Star Wars’ graphics has changed since 1977 to now will be evident, not only for what concerns comics, but also for game packaging, videogames, and, especially film posters. Even merchandise and gadgets have changed a lot: from the first Kenner‘s models made with plastic and cloth, to the newest Hasbro‘s action figures.

Thanks to the partnership with BrianzaLUG, an association of LEGO fans from Lombardy, it is possible to admire some beautiful constructions, like a giant Millenium Falcon (property of Luigi Brunelli), a diorama of the Forest Moon of Endor from “The Return of the Jedi” (made by Massimiliano Torzo), the Maz Kanata’s Castle from Episode VII (built by Roque Errichetti); there will be other surprises, like a life-sized R2D2 made by LEGO bricks.

An accurate Millenium Falcon reproduction, like the one used by George Lucas in “The Empire Strikes Back“, will be exposed; thanks to the collection “Costruisci il tuo Millenium Falcon“,published by DeAgostini Publishing and Mondadori, it will be possible to build “the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” by yourself!

Many collectibles that are exposed, especially the vintage ones, have been provided by private collectors and by Amedeo Tecchio’s Bettola di Yoda, a museum in Camisano (Vicenza) that collects every kind of gadget about this saga.

Thanks to the partnership with Pixarprinting and GlobalMedia, the exhibition in enriched by fantastic scenography, multimedia, and interactive stations that will immerse visitors in the Star Wars universe.

Thanks to Panini Comics‘ participation, throughout the exhibition’s duration, meetings with authors and illustrators will be held. During crucial events, thanks to our partners 501st Legion Italica Garrison and Rebel Legion Italian Base (the two offical costuming groups of Star Wars), it will be possible to meet the heroes of the saga, and to take pictures with lightsabers in special photo sets. Furthermore, it will be possible to take part in Jedi Generation‘s lightsaber combat courses, and receive an Imperial cadet diploma.
Sunday afternoons will be dedicated to children; guided tours, and comic book, illustration, and hobby modeling workshops will be offered by  the WOW didactics department.

In the Bookshop, gadgets, books, and comics about the Star Wars universe are available.

The exhibition is presented along with a series of special initiatives to celebrate the fifth anniversary of WOW Spazio Fumetto’s inauguration (April, 1 2011).

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