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Star Wars Exhibition Mostre,Passate

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“Star Wars: Dal fumetto al cinema …e ritorno” Star Wars: From comics to movies …and back An event/exhibition celebrates the most loved space saga of all time! From March, 19 2016 to June, 5 2016. Entry fee: 5€; Reduced: 3€ Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday (15-19 p.m.); Saturday and Sunday (15-20 p.m.); Closed on Monday. The “STAR WARS: DAL FUMETTO AL CINEMA E RITORNO” exhibition was created by the joint efforts of Associazione Galaxy, La Bettola di Yoda, 501st Legion Italica Garrison, Rebel Legion Italian Base, with the crucial collaboration of Panini Comics. For the first time in Italy, WOW Spazio Fumetto offers a complete exhibition path about Star Wars, by uniting two essential features of its universe: the passion of its fanbase, and the impressive editorial history of Star Wars comic books (from 1977 to today). Moreover, a Milo Manara‘s valuable tribute picture specificallymade for the event will be displayed. Original works…

Tribute Exhibition to Laganà Mostre,Passate


Laganà – Sogni e cartoon di tutti i colori Laganà – Colorful Dreams and Cartoons From January 30th to February 21st 2016 The exhibition, created by Cartoon Club that set it up last year in Rimini, was supervised personally by artist Giuseppe Laganà- who prematurely passed away on January, 3 2016. The exhibition is conceived to represent completely his artistic streak across illustration, comics and animation cinema.

WOW, Dante’s Hell and Comics Mostre,Passate

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September, 12 2015 – November, 22 2015 On the occasion of the 750-years anniversary from Dante Alighieri’s birth, the exhibition (inserted within the Festival MITO 2015 initiatives) celebrates the author through the main parodies of his “Divina Commedia”, from Topolino, to manga , to Marcello Toninelli’s comic strips. To close the exhibition path, an original 5-meters work was created by the “musicattore®” Luigi Majo, in order to honor the poet.

Geppo & co. – Sandro Dossi’s world Mostre,Passate,Senza categoria

Loc mostra dossi

From May 16th to June 5th 2015 A tribute to a great author of Italian humor comic books; an original exhibition of Sandro Dossi’s original pieces and illustrations that retrace fifty years of his career. Through different characters, like Popeye, Geppo, Sylvester the Cat, the Smurfs, Disney comics and Warner Bros heroes, Dossi was able to amuse generations of readers.

Avengers: The Myth Mostre,Passate

Avengers 500 2004

From March 28th to Mat 31th 2015 The exhibition was created on the occasion of the releasing of  the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron”; through a rich exposition, the history of the earth’s mightiest heroes is retraced, from their birth on comic books during the sixties, to their contemporary film representations.

Lupo Alberto 40 anni! Un lupo per tutte le stagioni Mostre,Passate


28 March – 1 June 2014 In partnership with McK, the exhibition celebrated Lupo Alberto’s forty years. It presented hundreds of original panels and strips, comic books, memorabilia, and works used for social advertising campaigns linked to the character. It also displayed a diorama (made for the occasion), which reproduced McKenzie’s farm and all its inhabitants.

100 matite per Pinocchio – 130 anni di immaginario, illustrazione e fumetto Mostre,Passate

18 January – 23 March 2014 In 1881 Pinocchio was born through the pen of Carlo Collodi, pen-name of Carlo Lorenzini. The exhibition narrates the novel chapter by chapter, showing how all over the world artists, cartoonists and animators has represented it for over 130 years.   La mostra Pinocchio e altri libri Pinocchio a fumetti Il poster del Pinocchio Disney Libri e edizioni straniere Pupazzi e gadget I dischi di Pinocchio Presentazione

Belgio, Il regno del fumetto Mostre,Passate


21 June – 6 October 2013 The story of the most famous authors, characters and periodicals: Tintin, Spirou, Lucky Luke, the Smurfs, Hergé, Peyo, Hermann, Dany… With this exhibition comes the twinning with Bruxelles’ Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée, the first european museum of comics.   Mostra Belgio Puffi Mostra Belgio Bandes dessinees Tin Tin Belgio il Regno del Fumetto

BAU! 88 cani col resto di 1 Mostre,Passate,Senza categoria

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9 September – 2 October 2011 This exhibition shows how dogs are portraied in the comic world: little kids’ friends, heroes’ partners or main protagonists, with unforgettable characters like Snoopy, Pluto or Marmaduke. Furthermore the figure of the urban dog (the dog as an animal totally at ease with the urban city life) is explained.

Topolino ieri, oggi, domani Passate


6 July – 31 July 2011 The way a comic book is produced and delivered to the public has changed a lot over the years. This exhibition, in partnership with Disney Italy, explains this evolution through Disney comics, from paper to the Ipad.

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