“The Little Prince” Comic Book Presentation

a comic book tale

With 81 original pages by ENZO JANNUZZI

February, 27 2016 – March, 26 2016

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The Little Prince”, the beloved novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is one of the most read books in the world; it has been translated into 253 languages and dialects, and over 13 million copies had been printed across the world. Recently it has been adapted in an animation film as well.
WOW Spazio Fumetto dedicates a unique exhibition to this immortal masterpiece; for the first time, a special comic book edition by Enzo Jannuzzi is presented to the Italian public. The work retraces accurately the original novel.
The 81 original pages exposed are characterized by a simple, yet sophisticated style; they are published thanks to the joints efforts of WOW Spazio Fumetto, Fondazione Franco Fossati, La Borsa del Fumetto di Milano and Excalibur.

Enzo Jannuzzi‘s “Il Piccolo Principe” was born almost causally, due to a strange request that the author’s brother made him: a comic book version of Saint-Exupéry’s masterpiece for his daughter.
Jannuzzi started working on the comic with a fresh approach: he knew the story, but he had never read it. This occasion became a rediscovery that inspired him: he accepted the challenge and adapted through his sensibility a book loved by several generations of readers.
The task was not easy, so Jannuzzi decided to stick to the original novel, which was translated from French by his mate Erveda Sansi.
In Jannuzzi’s adaptation there is everything: every line wrote by the original author is portrayed in the panels or written in the balloons throughout 80 dense pages.
If Jannuzzi decided to stick to the original work for what regards the texts, as concerns the drawings he tried to detach as much as possible from the original illustrations. Indeed, the french author’s style is so unique in its simplicity, if the style of the adaptation was similar, it would had seemed an unnatural copy.
Therefore, the comic book drawings completely detach from the delicate colors of the novel: Jannuzzi worked with a hefty black and white; the appearance of the characters is different too, they are portrayed in a very personal, yet respectful, way.

Enzo Jannucci’s work is published thanks to the joint efforts of WOW Spazio Fumetto, Fondazione Franco Fossati, Excalibur publisher, and La Borsa del Fumetto bookshop.
Within the exhibition, comic book pages are shown for the first time with a selection of pencil pages and drafts, to present the backstage process of the work creation.

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