The Museum

Comic book, Illustration and Animation Museum
viale Campania 12, 20133 Milan – Italy
tel. 02 49524744 e-mail:

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Created and managed by the Franco Fossati Foundation, the museum was inaugurated on April, 1 2011; it is a place for the conservation and promotion of the Ninth Art.

Its welcoming spaces represent an entry point for the universe of narration through images, communication, and creativity.
Here, comics, cinema, animation, popular literature, games and music mix together, recalling old memories and offering new suggestions.

Comics reveal their history and suggest new opportunities to modern communication.
The exhibition paths offered by the museum are always different and exciting; they highlight the artistic and narrative means typical of the sequential art, by presenting numerous pieces made by authors from different countries and historical periods.

Entry to: the exhibition on the ground floor, the library, the bookshop, and the coffee shop is FREE.

The WOW-CARD is an effective way to support the museum, while receiving many benefits, such as gifts and discounts for visiting the main exhibitions on the first floor, discounts in the bookshop, or for particular events like film showings.

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