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WOW SPAZIO FUMETTO“- comic book, illustration and animation museum- was opened on April, 1 2011, and it has become the new home for the Comics world in Milan.
The museum’s particular style creates a unique international experience, with focuses on every possible influence across different genres and media.
WOW allows authors, publishers, fans, and those who are just curious to increase their knowledge about comics and share their opinions on different topics, through an emphasis on the ideas of didactics and aggregation through the Ninth Art.
WOW SPAZIO FUMETTO hosts temporary exhibitions, workshops, screenings, and private or corporate cultural events.
It also offers to the public a free library (made up of over 9,000 pieces), a modern coffeeshop and a specialized bookshop.


The location, situated in viale Campania 12, is an historical building of Milan. It was built in the 1926 as a public transport depot, but it was purchased in the 1960 by Motta (which used it as a warehouse and to produce sweets).
In 1985, the factory was closed and it remained unused until the Municipality of Milan decided to re-qualify the area. A big public garden (about 11,000 square meters) was created in the outside area, while the building was used for various cultural events.
This re-qualification process reached its peak in 2010, when the Franco Fossati Foundation was granted the permission to exploit the location, which was then transformed in a poly-functional building dedicated to the arts of comics, animation, and traditional and contemporary illustration.


It was founded in 1997 as an association, but  it became a foundation only in 2007 (it was recognized by a decree from the President of the Lombardy Region in 2009).
It is a non-profit organization inspired by the heritage and remembrance of Franco Fossati, an important journalist and critic.
The Franco Fossati Foundation is a cultural institution involved in the organization of cultural events, exhibitions and conventions connected to comics, illustration, and animation.
Thanks to its rich historical collection (composed of over 500,000 pieces) and the experience of its members, the group is determined to study, classify and preserve its archives.
WOW SPAZIO FUMETTO represents an important result for the foundation’s aim to study and promote the Ninth Art (Comics); indeed, it highlights both the conservative aspect (with the museum and the historical archive) and the didactic one (through the exhibitions, the events and the library).
In order to achieve its goal, WOW exploits its local territorial roots, the international cultural network, and its growing didactic offer.



address: viale Campania 12, 20133 Milano (MI)
tel. (+39) 02 49524744 / 45

Director: Luigi F.Bona
Vice director: Riccardo Mazzoni



Bookshop:Eleonora Ghezzi Foti & Federico Seragnoli

Communication: Simone Marchisano

Didactic: Maria Sara Mignolli

Graphic: Laura Ritorto

Exhibitions and Events: Luca Bertuzzi and Alberto Brambilla

Press Office: Enrico Ercole (cellphone 349 5422273)

Local Institutions: Rossella Orofino

International Relations: Melina Gatto

Fund Raising and Marketing: Sergio Giuffrida

Animation: Giannalberto Bendazzi (supervisor), Maya Quaianni (manga and anime)


Fondazione Franco Fossati, via S. Gottardo 104, 20900 Monza (MB)
P.IVA: 06098230961 – CF: 97460830157 – REA: 1871999 04/06/2010
tel. (+39) 039 2622569 – (+39) 039 2915041 (9.30-12.30 a.m.)

Office: Tonina Berardi (tonina.berardi@milanocomics.eu)


Luigi F. Bona, Furio Fossati, Sergio Giuffrida, Riccardo Mazzoni, Alberto Ronchi

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